Vision & Mission



Children arrive at school healthy and prepared to succeed.


To lead community partners in maximizing and coordinating resources that ensure equal opportunities for all young children, birth to five, to be ready for school – ready for life.


One: Systems Building

Provide professional development opportunities for the early care and education workforce.

  • Coordinate workshops and conferences in the region
  • Promote early childhood scholarship opportunities
  • Facilitate learning communities and forums

Increase participation of early childhood providers and programs in Virginia Quality.

  • Participate in outreach activities in the community
  • Advertise and market the program
  • Conduct on-site visits to programs by Virginia Quality staff

Establish a smooth transition for young children to enter kindergarten.

  • Provide resources and programs that support children’s health, nutrition, and safety
  • Implement literacy activities and readiness events for children and families
  • Coordinate a regional enrollment plan with school divisions

Two: Public Engagement

Increase the level of public understanding as to the importance of early childhood development and education.

  • Update legislators and community leaders in the region about the work of SBRA
  • Communicate the importance of the early childhood workforce pipeline to businesses
  • Implement consistent branding and marketing and increase social media presence

Support parents with the knowledge and awareness of best practices, child development, and community resources.

  • Conduct outreach activities and workshops in the community
  • Provide materials and resources to assist families with young children
  • Promote best practices and child development through social media and the SBRA website

Collaborate with community partners.

  • Promote peer learning and sharing among community partners
  • Conduct quarterly SBRA Community Transition Steering Committee meetings
  • Participate in community leadership committees, activities, and events

Three: Sustainability

Cultivate a governance and operational structure that is representative of the region.

  • Elect a Board of Directors that represents each area of our region
  • Advocate for representation from varied sectors of the community which is inclusive of but not limited to health, human services, education, finance, and business
  • Conduct an Annual meeting for the Board of Directors and meet quarterly

Maximize financial and organizational resources to build capacity.

  • Expand partnerships with local businesses
  • Conduct quarterly SBRA Financial Committee meetings
  • Identify and apply for mission-oriented grants and maintain a fundraising plan developed by the Public Engagement and Fundraising Committee

Identify and respond to the evolving needs of the community.

  • Participate in data collection and research projects
  • Document gaps, improvements, and outcomes
  • Track indicators of school readiness at the child, family, and community levels

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