Did You Know?

  • Harvard University’s National Scientific Council on the Developing Child reports on the findings of multiple studies, arriving at the unequivocal conclusion: Investments in early childhood pay for themselves many times over in higher academic achievement, and lower rates of grade retention, remedial services, school failure, criminal behavior and welfare dependence.
  • When at-risk children experience high-quality early learning programs, they have better school, employment and life outcomes.
  • Quality economic returns come from quality investments in early childhood development and experiences.
  • Smart Beginnings is key to a vital state economy.
  • Failing our children today will impact our future at a far greater cost than if we help them to have a good start in life.
  • Studies by the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the Economic Policy Institute share this common conclusion: investing now in early childhood development yields tremendous economic and social benefits by reducing crime and welfare dependency while building the competitive, productive workforce our community will need in the future.